Bespoke Your SteamWipe Detailing

Imagine the sense of pride and excitement of a driving a new car

We offer exclusive Interior/Exterior steam detailing, hand-car wash & enhancement detail using chemical-free automotive products, handcrafted in high-end detailing houses and blends of natural, exotic, rich ingredients and essential oils to meet your unique taste


Cabin Steam Detail

Before Discount


45 Mins

You Get $250 worth in Perceived Value


With our detailing capabilities & technology, your vehicle cabin is luxuriously detailed. Choose PRISTINE INTERIOR is you want to add protection to interior trims & expensive materials



Before Discount


1.5 Hours

You Get $250 worth in Perceived Value


Steamwipe offers a quick ‘touch-up’ to enhance your vehicle interior and exterior assuming you had a full treatment prior.


Pet & Food Lovers

Before Discount


2 Hours

You Get $325 worth in Perceived Value


Our technology and passion for high-end detail leaves the interior and exterior flawless with more focus on the former.


Car Enthusiasts

Before Discount


2.5 Hours

You Get $515 worth in Perceived Value


Steamwipe Exclusive services offers enhancement & on-going maintenance detail to your vehicles’ look and integrity


Shoeroom Fanatics

Before Discount


3+ Hours

You Get $860 worth in Perceived Value


Our bespoke detailing tier to take care of your vehicle overall health including a high end steam detail & protection to the paintwork, carbon fibres,alcantara, leather trims, engine parts & coils.


How Steamwipe Works

Car detailing has never been so easy and fast with our four innovative and simple steps

Step 1

Book Online or Call us: 1-778-957-1604 to start your booking

Step 2

Schedule a Free appointment or view our on-demand availability.

Step 3

Our professionals show up to your car location

Step 4

You rate us on Google and pay at the comfort of your home/office

This explainer video shows you how Steamwipe offers the Fastest, Easiest and Greenest way to get your car steam wash, detail, sanitize and enhance at the same time in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. Services are carried at the comfort of your home

Your vehicle is treated with in house blends of finest automotive graded products, UV filters and essential oils. Our technology is eco-friendly which means your driveway stays No-Messy during the detailing of your cars.

Get an Estimate Or Schedule Your Vehicle(s) Steam Clean & Detailing Services at Your Home/Work

The Steamwipe Detailing Standard

Rewriting how car enthusiasts should care about the exterior appearance and interior presentation of their vehicles in the highest possible quality

Detailing Made Easy

While your vehicles appearance is glowing on the block,
the interior cabins trigger more health & wellness

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Happy Customers and Happy Riders

We want to build long lasting relationship with you. Our customers are testifying their recent experiences on Google.

Great service, our vehicles always look brand new after ! And it's super convenient as they come to the house ?

Preeti Virk

Beautiful family run business. Friendly, efficient & excellent job! Car looks brand new! Thank you!

Sarah Grace

Amazing company - my vehicle looks incredible. Can not recommend them enough! My car was full of mold on the exterior from the rainy season and kids and dog hair and food and now looks brand new! Thank you to the team!!

J jordan

What an amazing service! They were so professional and extremely thorough. Both of our cars were extremely dirty from summer, kids, dog etc...and now they literally look brand new. Shawn and his team were so efficient and and pleasant to deal with and obviously take pride in their work. I would definitely recommend this business for the professionalism of their staff, the convenience in coming to your home or office and the quality of their work.

Robyn Watts

Very enthusiastic and good work ethic. Really enjoyed working with them and have already recommended them to many people. Don't wait around get your car detailed now!

Krystian Laszkiewicz

Shawn and his team worked incredibly hard on my 10-year old truck and the results are amazing. It looks the best it has since it came home from the lot! He even removed some paint marks from a hit and run scrape that wasn't worth my deductible but really bothered me. This service restored and rejuvenated my truck, I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

Grace Campbell

Excellent service! We will be booking with them again.

Sidhartha Rao

The quality and detail of my wash was amazing. Steamwipe was able to get all of the dust out of my vents so that my son and I could enjoy clean air quality. The vehicle looked incredible after and we definitely recommend Steamwipe to everyone. The best part is they came to our home and had the vehicle cleaned in 90 mins while we had dinner. Great work guys!!

Steve Dhillon

He has good work ethics.very efficient at his work and detail. Prides himself in the work he does. I would not hesitate to let him do my vehicle again knowing that steam is very safe on the paint and sanitize the interior of my vehicle. I would no hesitate getting him back to do my vehicle twice a year (full detail)

Lloyd Zilinski

Very impressed with how clean my trucks were, inside and out. Great company which I highly recommend!

Harinder Bains

Steamwipe's Detailing Packages

Finest Steam Auto Detailing, Protection & Wellness Services at Your Home/Office

Steamwipe delivers unrivaled detailing services in the North Shore, Vancouver & Lower Mainland, British Columbia to high-end luxury, electric, exotic, family and corporate vehicles.
Our technology and finest service quality allows us to bring a total car care solution to your home driveway/underground parkade.Valeting & detail packages range from enhancement & protection through to ongoing maintenance. Pricing is upfront and no-haggle. Absolutely no hidden fees. Service is fast, safe & eco-friendly
1. * Prices need adjustment for British Columbia Provincial taxes which will be added at checkout. Displayed prices for this on demand service are for sedan only and fits every purse. SUV and small pick ups have an additional  $ 55 +Tax on each tier. Minivans, G-wagons & Huge Pick-ups has an added  $75  + tax. Additional charge of  $70  applies on extreme dirtiness (foods and mud) while pet hairs have an extra  $50  and Nicotine (incl. Canabis)  $100  Additional charge applies on extreme dirtiness.
2. We can say no to a customer if we have to. For example, off road vehicles and muddy flappers and wheel wells need a good pressure wash at a designated location before enjoying our luxurious car care.
3. If you have a referral link, contact our friendly support team to guide you with your  $10  off in kind services.

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Car Enthusiasts Wanted

In our attempt to create an eco-system of world class detailing professionals, we need you at the helm to steer this vessel. Create your own schedule and keep earning as much as you want and as long as you wish.

The application process is super simple. First you’ll need to fill in your basic information points. You will then be redirected to Steamwipe’s Employment Portal where you’ll be assessed based on some key metrics. Create your tag by uploading your picture and you are set to make money once approved.

  • Best Rate

    Competitive piece rate. Steamwipe Pros can earn up to $45 per job. Monthly productivity bonuses available.

  • Great Schedule

    You decide when you want to work and let us know of your availability. You are your own boss

  • Fast Payments

    Skip the hassle of chasing customers and build your piggy bank. Salaries and compensations are direct deposited into your bank account each semi-monthly period.

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Professionals & Enthusiasts Wanted

Steamwipe Detailing On-Demand

Inspired by Details, Proved by Technology and Handcrafted by Experts
This is more of a cathartic process where your car is hand steam wash and detailing is done by our professionally trained staffs who will go through a 20 points quality control test. Here your vehicles receive the highest level of care and detailing services. Premium products are handcrafted in high-end detailing houses and blend with natural, exotic and rich ingredients to meet your unique taste. For example, our waxes are specially formulated to give you higher longevity and has massive concentration of first graded Brazilian Carnauba. Do you like a lustrous dripping wet finish paint surface or do you prefer a balance one with beading properties? The cabin interior is then steam cleaned, surfaces prepped, conditioned, UV protected and sprayed with finest natural air freshener and essential oils. Depending on your budget, you can bespoke your detailing needs.

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Meet the Creative Team

Behind every successful start-up there are passionate and enthusiastic team players. We are looking for ways to save your time, get you a world-class detailing services at the comfort of your home/office while being humble to the planet. Our process is very eco-friendly and sanitizes your car environments and elements which means better air quality while you commute