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What We Do

Steamwipe is the region’s first on-demand technology platform for premium car wash & detailing with a strong focus on the Cult of Customer-Experience, passengers’ health and fresh drinking water. With vehicle ownerships burgeoning in BC implies more chemicals being used to clean them or more sewage & sudsy water run offs into storm drains. We are solving these issues by going chemical-free and using as little as 5 litres of water to clean a car exterior and interior. Our platform makes it very convenient for people to request the premium service and spend more quality time with their love ones. Our interactive website and mobile App makes the customer experience seamless and exiting.

Steamwipe is the fastest and easiest way to get your car clean and sparkle in British Columbia at any time without any chemicals usage and no harm to the environment. We are redefining the way the process works and redesigning peoples’ time to be more productive. Bhooshan Ramchurn, CEO and Founder strongly advocates the convoluted process when it comes to washing and detailing his own car, often involving slapdash detailing houses, exhaustive line up at car wash stations only to find out that road junks are hidden in the brittle, high chemicals usage rate, complaints about swirl marks and holograms which are inevitable from touchless car washes and so to speak the pain never ends. Bear in minds, your vehicle is the second biggest investment you would make after a house mortgage. We seek to protect your investment by maintaining its value as long as possible while being humble to the planet. This is where Steamwipe seeks to disrupt traditional car washes market and allows car enthusiasts to hop on this new automotive lifestyle.

Happy Customers and Happy Riders

We want to build long lasting relationship with you. Our customers are testifying their recent experiences on Google.

Great service, our vehicles always look brand new after ! And it's super convenient as they come to the house ?

Preeti Virk

Beautiful family run business. Friendly, efficient & excellent job! Car looks brand new! Thank you!

Sarah Grace

Amazing company - my vehicle looks incredible. Can not recommend them enough! My car was full of mold on the exterior from the rainy season and kids and dog hair and food and now looks brand new! Thank you to the team!!

J jordan

What an amazing service! They were so professional and extremely thorough. Both of our cars were extremely dirty from summer, kids, dog etc...and now they literally look brand new. Shawn and his team were so efficient and and pleasant to deal with and obviously take pride in their work. I would definitely recommend this business for the professionalism of their staff, the convenience in coming to your home or office and the quality of their work.

Robyn Watts

Very enthusiastic and good work ethic. Really enjoyed working with them and have already recommended them to many people. Don't wait around get your car detailed now!

Krystian Laszkiewicz

Shawn and his team worked incredibly hard on my 10-year old truck and the results are amazing. It looks the best it has since it came home from the lot! He even removed some paint marks from a hit and run scrape that wasn't worth my deductible but really bothered me. This service restored and rejuvenated my truck, I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

Grace Campbell

Excellent service! We will be booking with them again.

Sidhartha Rao

The quality and detail of my wash was amazing. Steamwipe was able to get all of the dust out of my vents so that my son and I could enjoy clean air quality. The vehicle looked incredible after and we definitely recommend Steamwipe to everyone. The best part is they came to our home and had the vehicle cleaned in 90 mins while we had dinner. Great work guys!!

Steve Dhillon

He has good work ethics.very efficient at his work and detail. Prides himself in the work he does. I would not hesitate to let him do my vehicle again knowing that steam is very safe on the paint and sanitize the interior of my vehicle. I would no hesitate getting him back to do my vehicle twice a year (full detail)

Lloyd Zilinski

Very impressed with how clean my trucks were, inside and out. Great company which I highly recommend!

Harinder Bains