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Finest Steam Auto Detailing, Protection & Wellness Services at Your Home/Office

Steamwipe delivers unrivaled detailing services in the North Shore, Vancouver & Lower Mainland, British Columbia to high-end luxury, electric, exotic, family and corporate vehicles.
Our technology and finest service quality allows us to bring a total car care solution to your home driveway/underground parkade.Valeting & detail packages range from enhancement & protection through to ongoing maintenance. Pricing is upfront and no-haggle. Absolutely no hidden fees. Service is fast, safe & eco-friendly
1. * Prices need adjustment for British Columbia Provincial taxes which will be added at checkout. Displayed prices for this on demand service are for sedan only and fits every purse. SUV and small pick ups have an additional  $ 55 +Tax on each tier. Minivans, G-wagons & Huge Pick-ups has an added  $75  + tax. Additional charge of  $70  applies on extreme dirtiness (foods and mud) while pet hairs have an extra  $50  and Nicotine (incl. Canabis)  $100  Additional charge applies on extreme dirtiness.
2. We can say no to a customer if we have to. For example, off road vehicles and muddy flappers and wheel wells need a good pressure wash at a designated location before enjoying our luxurious car care.
3. If you have a referral link, contact our friendly support team to guide you with your  $10  off in kind services.

Car Enthusiasts

2.5 Hrs

A glossy car with a scent is innately appealing to the senses. Automobile aromatherapy with premium essential oils is proven to generate many road-safety benefits as it keeps drivers calm and relax. With the Car Enthusiasts package, while your upholstery is getting top-notch treatment it deserves, premium Carnauba car spray wax is applied on your paint creating a shield against harmful UV rays and road junks and at the same time makes it attention-grabbing. Here, your vehicle receives the best auto care services, chemicals-free, making sure you get the biggest bang for your bucks.


Disclaimer: Steamwipe is a luxury auto car services provider and we took pride to maintain our quality and corporate image. We can say No to client at any time if we believe vehicle was inappropriately used for carrying illegal activities of any sort

Recommended for Car Enthusiasts

What is Includes:

    • All of Pet & Food Lovers
    • Deep Seats & Trunk Steam Extraction (Washing function) + protection
    • Upholstery leather cleaning & Conditioning
    • (Using: Steam, Plant based products & essential oils)
    • Essential oil in steam for a seamless experience (your choice of scent)
    • Plant-based Luxury products use interior of cabin
    • Premium Air Freshener diffuse ( scent of your choice)
    • Hand Polish with Nano Carnauba Wax
    • FREE Infant & Toddler’s Seat Sanitising and cleaning

Add-ons you’d Love

Here’s Add-ons you’d Love:

  • 1 Coat Of Finest Hand-Poured Brazilian Carnauba Wax (The best in the world)- Hand Application $300 ADD
  • Engine Bay steam cleaning & degreasing and organic protection balm (The general care) * $155 ADD
  • Paintwork Correction - 1 Stage (Defect removal e.g light scratches & swirls 80-85%) $500 ADD
  • Paintwork Correction - 2 Stage (Defect removal 90-95%, performed after 1Stage) $375 ADD
  • Paintwork Decontamination by Claying $85 ADD
  • Extreme Rain, snow, bugs, dirt and debris Repellant Glass Coating- Up to 12 months protection $100 ADD
  • Headlights Polish (Pair) $85 ADD
  • TailLights Polish (Pair) $85 ADD
  • Anti Fogging Interior Windshield Treatment $50 ADD
  • Exterior Paintwork Reasonable Mold Removal (+ $55 for SUV ) $150 ADD
  • Interior Cabin Reasonable Mold Removal (+ $55 for SUV ) $100 ADD
  • Therapeutic Detailing- Your preferred Scent of Saje Essential Oil $50 ADD
  • Brightwork (Stainless Steel, Chrome & Aluminium) Polishing $100 ADD
  • Luxury & Exotic Vehicles Signature Detail $1500 ADD
  • Recommended Winter's Residue Exterior Treatment $150 ADD
  • Removal of unexpected event ( Vomit smell, other smell, drinks spillover, gravy-covered foods, glass shards etc) $150 ADD
  • Bespoke Leather & Alcantara Care ( Steam Cleaned, Milked, Conditioned & Nourished) $200 ADD

How Steamwipe Works

Car detailing has never been so easy and fast with our four innovative and simple steps

Step 1

Book Online or Call us: 1-778-957-1604 to start your booking

Step 2

Schedule a Free appointment or view our on-demand availability.

Step 3

Our professionals show up to your car location

Step 4

You rate us on Google and pay at the comfort of your home/office

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answer to Some Basic Questions

Yes 100%. Products used are blended in high-end detailing houses with exotic and natural ingredients

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Very secure! Our platform infrastructure has a very secure encryption which prevents the transfer of personal credentials to third party. This is what our customers love about us as we make their car detailing journey seamless.

Everything is taken care online or over the phone 778-957-1604 and our service is entirely cashless, meaning you can either pay by debit card, credit card or INTERACT e-transfer

Coming soon! Email us at hello@steamwipe.ca should you want to get enrolled

For sure. Just let us know by phone 778-957-1604 or by email at hello@steamwipe.ca

At the residential level, it really boils down to your car care needs and the level of service you would like to have. Five on-demand tier packages, are scripted with details and prices range from as low as $100* to over $1000s* for cars and SUV.

You can request a steamwipe pro to show up to your house or office to detail your car anytime. This can be done either on our interactive website or by calling our customer service at 778-957-1604.

To sign up or register you need to enter some basic information points. An activation email will be sent to your inbox for validation, after which you can securely log-in on steamwipe.ca

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Absolutely. In fact you will love it more than your traditional water-based wash. Paintwork is like your skin which requires ‘exfoliating’ the pores to leave it looking pristine. This cathartic process will leave your car squeaky clean.

Steamwipe is the leading technology platform for requesting high quality steam car washes and detailing services. Using the interactive website, you can request the prestigious and exclusive detailing service at your home or office.